Cheonjeyeon Falls in Jeju: Autumn 2015

An important note on Jeju’s updated bus system and this blog post

From August 2017, Jeju Island implemented a new city and intercity bus system. It increased the number of buses in service, while simplifying the routes, fees and numbering system.

Consequently, the contents of this previously published blog post may have changed. We therefore would kindly request that you consult this page for new bus maps in English on,  and this page on our blog for a chart of the old and new bus route numbers.

If you read Korean, then the province’s official bus system website is a useful and up-to-date resource. We hope you’ll enjoy your travels on Jeju Island!

Have you heard of the legend of Cheonjeyeon Falls?


Cheonjeyeon Falls is Natural Monument No.378 in Jeju. It is located in the southern city of Seogwipo.

Directions by bus: From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus #782. After about 1 hour, get off at Jungmun Post Office (중문우제육) bus stop. Walk for about 9 minutes to get to Cheonjeyeon Falls.

The name Cheonjeyeon originates from the folklore that tells of seven nymphs who came down from heaven by a violet cloud bridge. On a starry night, they decided to bathe and play in a pristine pond, then returned to heaven. “Cheon” means heaven, “Je” means king, and “Yeon” means pond. Combining these three words, Cheonjeyeon means “Pond of Heaven.”


When you visit Cheonjeyeon Falls, you actually get to see three different waterfalls: Cheonjeyeon Falls, the 2nd Falls, and the 3rd Falls.

The entrance to Cheonjeyeon Falls is clearly marked with a wooden sign. The general admission fee is 2,500Won. But if you are a Jeju resident, you can get free entry.

chonjeyeonname  chonjeyeonprice

 Once you enter Choenjeyeon Falls, you will see a sign post. Turn left for Cheonjeyeon Falls, and turn right for the 2nd waterfall, the 3rd waterfall, and Seonimgyo Bridge.


Walking down the stairs, there is a warning sign to be careful.


Whether it is raining or not, Cheonjeyeon Falls is still beautiful. On a dry day, there is no water falling down the walls of Cheonjeyeon, but you can see the water flow between the rocks, leading down to the 2nd waterfall.

Walking across a wooden bridge, you can reach the 2nd waterfall.


Here, the water flows from Cheonjeyeon falls. One a sunny day, one can see the lush green of the surrounding trees.



The 3rd waterfall is located further away. It’s a bit of a hike to get there.

But what a view!


Between the 2nd Fall and the 3rd Fall, you can take a stroll on Seonimgyo bridge.



On the other side of the bridge is the Fountain of Five Blessings. According to the plaque, “This fountain symbolizes the five blessings of longevity (tortoise), wealth (boar), honor (dragon), love (mandarin duck), and sons (carp). Pick the blessing of your choice, stand in front of the animal symbol, and throw coins into the lucky bag in the center. If the coin lands in the lucky bag, you will receive that blessing. The coins gathered here will be used to help Korea’s under-privileged.”


Near the falls is also a camping ground for those who enjoy the outdoors.


After your trip to Cheonjeyeon, you can enjoy a good brunch at Soul Kitchen only a few minutes away.


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