Out for a drive, discover rural Jeju’s hidden gems

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Sometimes on the weekend my family and I get in the car and wander Jeju’s rural roadways. There’s a charming beauty to the countryside and a sense of adventure. We almost always discover a hidden gem to later recommend to our friends.

Dotgot Pond is sandwiched between working farms and has a lot of history to it. Located a bit north of the 1115 Road in Hallim-eup, Jeju City, it’s an excellent picnic spot. There is a small pavillion up the hill above some natural volcanic caves. Frogs and ducks make their homes in the pond. And there are even some black basalt stone carvings of the wild hogs which created the pond, among other stone and steel artworks placed around the area.

Dotgot Pond, Dujo-ro, Josu-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju City

From a nearby information sign at the site:

“In the 1730s when people began establishing permanent settlements in this area of Hallim-eup, they explored the vicinity to find a regular and safe source of drinking water. They found the land to be wide and flat. This pond, which was covered with old-growth forest, was inhabited by wild animals. It gets its name “Dotgotmul” (돗곳물) because it was observed that wild hogs, called “dot” in the Jeju language, dug up moles by digging in the earth with their snouts. Rain water would collect in these holes, which eventually collected into the pond we can see even today.”



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