[SNS Content Event] Exploring Jeju despite some unusually cold April weather

An email interview with Muhammad Nasrul Amin Bin Abdul Khilid from Malaysia
Sungkyunkwan University Chemical Engineering student
JTO SNS Global Contents participant

Tell us a little bit about yourself. For example, where are you from and what are you studying in Korea? What are your plans after finishing your studies?  

My name is Muhammad Nasrul Amin Bin Abdul Khilid. On most of my SNS channels I go by the name Nasrul Khilid. I am currently studying in Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in Chemical Engineering and will be graduating in February 2020.

After graduating, I will try to find a job in a Korean company here or back home in Malaysia. My other plan is to take an exam to become a legal tour guide in Korea and go freelance.


What did you do while on Jeju Island after the event?

On the first day (Friday, April 6), I arrived at Jeju International Airport at 7:30 a.m. and went directly to a rental car office to get the car I booked via Coupang. Sadly my Korean license was issued less than a year ago, so I was not eligible to rent a car there. I didn’t know what to do because travelling in Jeju without a car is more difficult because public transport is not as good as in Seoul. Luckily I did find a rental agency that didn’t require a year’s driving experience, though it was much more expensive.

I first found out where the Jeju Welcome Center was before going to E-Mart to use its free parking and prepare my afternoon JTO presentation in a Starbucks there. I had a little breakfast, checked into the hotel and after the presentation, two other Malaysia participants and I went to find a seafood restaurant for dinner. The windy and cold weather made finding one difficult, but I used Naver to look up a nearby spot. We had Galchi Jorim, which was more expensive that I thought it would be — more like Seoul — but it was very fresh and delicious.

After a night at the hotel, I started Day 2 (Saturday) by heading east to Seongsan Sunrise Peak. The weather was nice but it was windy. By the time we handed our entrance tickets to the guard, it started snowing. So we just took a few more photos, bought some chocolates at one of the souvenir shops, and then went back to the car. With the rain and snow coming down, we decided to visit Manjanggul Cave. This was a good option. We walked the full kilometer underground, took some photos, and then drove to a restaurant in the area for lunch. After that we went to the nearby Kimnyoung Maze Park. It was really fun and took about an hour to do the whole maze. We competed with each other to see who would get out first. In the middle I took a bunch of photos, which you can see on my Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BhWI2J1nIVv


After having fun at the maze, we went to the beach. We went to Gimnyeong Beach first, but the wind was too strong so that the sand was blowing everywhere. So we packed up and went to Hamdeok Beach. There, it was really nice. The wind was nice and the scenery was also picturesque. We took lot of OOTDs and uploaded them to our SNS channel. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhRYaBHnE3F

After that, we went back because I had to return the car before 7:30 p.m. After returning the car, we went to a night market to eat dinner. There we ate fish and chips and also shrimp tempura. Then we went back to the hotel. On the third day (Sunday) I took a shuttle bus to airport at 9 a.m. and caught my flight back to Seoul at 11 a.m.

Anything else you’d like to share with us? For example, Jeju travel stories, impressions, comments.

I went to Jeju once before in 2015 on a school trip, so the whole schedule was decided by the teachers. Thus, I didn’t have to deal with any problems during that time. On this trip, I made all the decisions, and it was really hard. Thanks to the Internet and Jeju tourist information, I found some interesting places to visit and enjoy on my Jeju vacation. It was my first time driving in Jeju and it was really dangerous I think. First of all the roads were narrow compared to my country, but I also drive in Seoul so it was not too much of a problem. Rather, the problem was Jeju drivers, especially compared to Seoul drivers. There were some places that they didn’t even follow the traffic lights and busy spots without traffic lights, causing me to think thrice before changing lanes.

Thank you, Nasrul.


This interview has been edited for length and clarity. — Ed.


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