[Themed Content] Jeju Residences: An Exploration of Traditional Island Living

In the past, Jeju had a residential culture with subtle differences to the rest of Korea. Plenty of places still exist where you can step back in time and see how people used to live.

Full article: www.visitjeju.net/u/5Ut


Four Unique Characteristics of Traditional Jeju Residences: Straw Roof Houses, Stone Walls, Olle Path, Jeongnang Gates

Where to See Traditional Jeju Residences: Jeju Folk Village, Seongeup Folk Village, Jeju Suligneunjip

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Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling to Jeju is problematic. In the meantime, we are highlighting some of the island’s attractions. We sincerely hope you will visit Jeju once it is safe to do so.

• For all your Jeju travel and safety information: www.visitjeju.net

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