[Themed Content] Welcome to ‘Spring in Jeju’

This winter was exceptionally cold, in no small part due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as Jeju’s colorful spring beckons to us, the provincial government and the Republic of Korea is tentatively starting to reopen its doors to vaccinated visitors from abroad. 

In the following article titled Welcome to ‘Spring in Jeju’ you’ll find ten amazing Jeju travel ideas to consider during this pleasant season.

Here are a few highlights from the article…

No matter where you go on the island now, patches of pink cherry blossoms will follow you.

Jeju’s cherry blossoms are a big draw for islanders and visitors from the mainland every year. Although the annual cherry blossoms festivals are again canceled due to COVID-19, it’s still possible to view the blossoms on your own at a myriad of places all across the island.  These include Jeonnong-ro Cherry Blossom Street, Jeju National University, Jangjeon village in Aewol, Yerae-dong in Seogwipo, and more…

Canola at Seongsan Sunrise Peak

If yellow is your favorite color, then Jeju’s canola flowers will surely brighten your springtime. These flowering plants emerge in yellow waves from late winter, when the cold has not yet departed, beckoning to visitors from far and wide to come and enjoy their cheerfulness. You can see yellow blossoms all over the island, but Seongsan Ilchulbong and Seopjikoji boast the beautiful blue sea and sky in the background, as well as Hamdeok Seoubong Peak, where yellow waves of canola flowers seem to reach out and touch the emerald sea. But these are just the beginning…

Green barley is ripening on Gapado as you read this now.

Gapado Island, just a short ferry ride south from Moseulpo Port, is where green barley thrives in the bright sun and remote location. You can visit this island anytime of course, but when the green barley ripens, walking or biking around this small island is all the more memorable amid the fresh, lovely “sea of green”.

The hike up Hallasan Mountain to experience the azaleas of spring is long, but worth it!

Hallasan Mountain, too, boasts a broad range of wild flowers that make their appearance on its slopes in the springtime. Azaleas, in particular, spread out for hundreds of meters in front of the majestic Byeongpungbawi Rock. Though you’ll have to put in some effort climbing the mountain’s Yeongsil Trail, it’ll be worth it! The azaleas there reward intrepid visitors who hiked up the side of Hallasan Mountain to enjoy a very special springtime experience.

There’s a lot more on offer, so please consult the full article to get the full story. We hope you’ll find it useful when planning a future trip to Jeju Island. 

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