[Jeju Theme & Museum] Cocomong Ecopark: A family-friendly day out perched on Seogwipo’s southern coast


At the moment I don’t have any kids and my nieces and nephews are all grown up. So the place I’m introducing in this blog post, well, I had no choice other than to visit alone all by myself.

The Cocomong Ecopark is predominantly for kids and only opened on March 30th. However many visitors are already talking about the ocean views from the restaurant so even though I had no kids to take with me I decided a visit was in order.

But first of all do you know Cocomong?

The character is from a Korean-made animation series aimed at improving kids eating habits.

The origin story goes that Cocomong is a great inventor with great hand skills and invented another character called Robokong to do battle with the evil Germ King.


Sounds fun right? Here’s an example I found on the Internet.

The animation was a hit on Korea’s educational broadcast station, EBS, and since that time the company behind Cocomong has expanded their business scope from animation and dolls all the way up to ecoparks about the Cocomong universe.

In fact from December 2011 the first Cocomong ecopark opened on the mainland in a place called Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. Two years later they’ve added one more to the south-coast of Jeju Island in Namwon and connected it with a museum next door which is under going refurbishment to become a model figure museum. (It used to be the Shinyong Movie Museum.)

The whole area comes to about 33,058 square metres of land indoors-and-out for you and the kids to enjoy.

Theme areas include the Eco-village along with Fun and Play.

There’s also a strange tape tunnel construction called the Wrapping House. It is made from 4,000 rolls of tape. Believe it or not.


Moving outside there is lots to do as well.


Having a run on the hamster-style wheel is good, but as an adult if you’re too tall you’ll probably fall over. Be careful.

The jungles gyms are huge and kids can get lost on them.


For water activities there are boats to peddle and a really cool water ball experience. Basically you get to run on water inside a huge inflated ball. It’s just like what the crew did from the SBS TV show, Running Man. Alas the water was too cold so this activity hasn’t started yet.


While I had no kids with me for the trip I could imagine the adults getting pretty tired. I mean you’re on vacation too right? You need a place to sit down and relax. That’s possible here with big comfy seats with big cushions. Take some time for yourself because each attraction has a member of staff watching it. Enjoy the nature and eco-friendly construction.


As for the ticket prices, admission is a flat 15,000 won for everyone. So a family of four will need to pay 60,000 won for entrance. This might seem a bit expensive, but if you compare it to the Megabox play area in down town Jeju City which charges 20,000 won for a kid and 5,000 won for an adult, you are already paying 50,000 won. However at the Cocomong Ecopark for 10,000 won more you’re getting a most wonderful seaside setting. (By the way if Jeju residents buy 10 tickets they’ll receive a 30% discount.)

There is also one difference I must highlight between this location and the mainland park. After two hours inside there is no need to pay more money. That’s an appreciated touch of customer service.

Finally after all of those Cocomong Ecopark activities wouldn’t you be feeling a bit hungry? That brings me to a part of this post I really wanted to let you know about. The Eco-kitchen restaurant has fantastic views of the Namwon ocean.


It is so nice people often ask if they can just go to the restaurant.


Unfortunately it is not possible to do that right now, but apparently the management are looking at some kind of system that would allow this. That way passing olle walkers on Route 5 can enjoy the restaurant and views, but without paying for full admission to the ecopark.


Cocomong Ecopark is a great place for kids on Jeju Island, and even though I don’t have kids, I still want to go there for the restaurant views.



Address: Jeju Island, Seogwipo-si, Namwon-eup, Namwon-ri 2381

Telephone: 064 -764-777

Jeju Tourism Organization : http://www.jejutour.go.kr/ http://www.ijto.or.kr/

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