[Jeju Travel] Seongsan Sunrise Peak – Don’t get out of breath, just take your time


Over two million visitors make their way to Seongsan Sunrise Peak every year and by early August of this year (2013), that previously held record had already been beaten.

When December is up some three million are expected as well as over a million foreigners.

It is the premier natural attraction in all of Jeju Island.

Of course Jeju residents have made numerous trips with some coming very often.

If the road is a familiar one then you have to take a closer look to find something new or different. In order to do that you have to walk slowly and take a break to look here and there.

Yes residents already know Seongsan Sunrise Peak is one of the island’s great places, but now the volcanic tuff cone has been recognized around the world too.

In 2002 it was listed as a Biosphere Reserve followed by World Natural Heritage success in 2007. In 2010 it became a Geopark.

These three crowns alone prove the sheer grandness of the place.

The views are always breathtaking.


Climbing is quite steep. It is not easy to go right to the top without stopping. A well equipped wooden deck with rest areas helps out those along the way.

Don’t just focus on the steps or blame your fitness either. Seongsan Sunrise Peak might become a place you never wish to return to.

If you are out of breath why don’t you stop, take a breath or two, and look around.

Sunrise and sunset offer cooler times to climb.

Don’t climb down right away. There are interesting things to see in the crater with Udo in the background over the lip.

Finding your way down is more comfortable these days as well.

What was once a farm track for raising horses and cows has been converted to a walking trail.  You can see huge rocks, Seopjikoji, Sinyang Beach, Dusanbong, and Jimibong.


The pleasure wasn’t finish then either. I popped into a local restaurant for rameon cooked with a live octopus plucked straight of a tank.


Don’t you think this is a great photograph?


It was part of a national photography competition which won a prize. The one below did better and won first prize.


When the weather is harmonious with blue sky and white clouds people visit to take photographs.

This photograph is from an airplane. It was used during the island’s successful New7Wonders of Nature campaign.


You know it isn’t possible to tour all of Jeju Island in a day or even a few days. So choosing one place and really getting to know it is something worth doing. Like Seongsan Sunrise Peak.


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