[Jeju_OREUM] A small hike for great rewards at Abu Oreum

– Jeju Tourism’s resident Korean travel diarist was out on his island travels again and sent this story –

For this post we’re off to Abu Oreum, which is famous for the Korean-made movie The Uprising.

These days I’ve been traveling to Jeju sites that have been seen on screen and so I got to know about Abu Oreum.

The weather was lovely during the trip and many photos came out well on the fresh day.

At the entrance to the oreum there is an information board with English information. Take a moment to read it before climbing.

There are some 368 oreums on Jeju Island. Each one has its own unique characteristics, so it is fun to study.

While climbing get a photo under the tree pictured above that has become a landmark.

Nowadays many autumnal flowers are in bloom like silver-grass. The autumn breeze is in my mind.

Abu Oreum is an emotional space to visit then. It is not just for walking or exercising. It is a place to think about this and that. Especially when you reach the summit to look at the view.

Worries and stress disappear.

Come here with family members, loved ones, and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

There seems to be some kind of special energy on Abu Oreum that brings people closer together.

Walk along the crater rim trail for 20 minutes.

You can go into a small forest too. Step on grass that makes a crispy sound.

Actually abu is Jeju dialect that can be someone who is respected like a father.

Some think Abu Oreum is like our own father trying to hug us.

In any case by climbing the oreum you can instantly find out why this place is so popular.

With good weather the climb is good, but with snow in the winter months you’ll have a good time too.



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