Coffee, crafts… and Swiss fondue

If you’ve spent any time on Jeju, you’ll know that a new discovery, often something completely unexpected, is just around the corner. The Jeju Swiss Village in Jocheon-eup, southeast of Jeju City, is just such a place.


With its brightly painted buildings, quaint winding road, and small artisanal shops and cafes, it’s perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

2 3 4 5 6 7The view of the northern coastline is also something you won’t want to miss, especially on a sunny, clear day. Some of the cafes at Swiss Village have outdoor seating with this marvelous ocean view.


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Did you know?

The Jeju Olle walking trail system was first set up with Trail No. 1 at Seongsan in 2007. Since then it has expanded to encompass the entire island with over two dozen trails.

Jeju Olle has also established friendship trail partnerships in countries like Japan, Canada and Switzerland. The latest Jeju-Swiss partnership was set up in September 2016 with a trail in the Zermatt mountains.


Apart from the usual coffee selections, the cafe we chose interestingly had a fondue option on the menu (presumably in keeping with the Swiss Village theme), though it wasn’t available on the day we went. Instead, we opted for a large parfait which, while delicious, was ultimately too much for the three of us to finish.

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The Village also has accommodations if you’d like to spend the night.

Jeju Swiss Village may be small, but the quiet atmosphere, shopping and coffee options, and the view, all combine into a very pleasant destination.

Address: 101-dong 566-27 Hamwa-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si

Contact: 010-3388-1075

How to get there: The Swiss Village is somewhat remote, so a car or taxi is the best option in this case. If you’re leaving from Jeju City, head south on the 97 and then turn left onto the 1136. You’ll be looking for Wasan-ri Intersection. GPS navigation (제주스위스마을) will be a big help.


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