[Jeju Festival] The 12th Annual Yellowtail Fish Festival

The Yellowtail Fish Festival is held around November of each year, 

the festival is one of the biggest festivals in Jeju.

Yellowtail Fish comes from a small island-Mara, 

which is southwest of Jeju and this is where they spend their last winter.

This year is already the 12th year , so many local residents as well as residents in Jeju participated in one of the most leading festival in Jeju.

The Yellowtail Fish Festival has many events, but the most popular events are catching the Yellowtail Fish and tasting the delicious sashimi. 

These are the reasons why visitors like to participate in this festival.

This year, the festival was held from November 8th-11th total of four days, there were opening performances, karaoke, youth festival, places to try samples, and much more!

There were 10 kinds of experiential events like catching Yellowtail fish with bare hands, seize the golden Yellowtail Fish, free tasting corner by different restaurants, local food, souvenirs, and variety of other booths as well.

▲  Entrance to the festival

▲ Booth

▲ Symbol of Yellowtail Fish

▲  Food-Yellowtail Fish

▲  Opening Ceremony

  Yellowtail Fish Sashimi Bibimbap

November 8th was the first day of the opening ceremony, so many visitors were seen. Right after the opening ceremony began, the festival started as well.

▲ Spectators

▲ Tuhoe Experience


▲ Performance

▲ Free tasting


Yellowtail Fish sashimi was fresh and delicious; it just melts in your mouth!

 ▲ Catching Yellowtail Fish with bare hands

 Preparing to catch Yellowtail Fish

This was one of the most popular events during the festival.

Dancing before the whistle blows~

Trying to catch the fish.


Once the participants catch the fish, they place it in the blue basket.

Job well done to all the participators!

You can check out Yellowtail Fish Festival every November. It is definitely a place to go if you travel to Jeju during the month of November.

Homepage: http://bangeofestival.com/ (Korean)

Address: Jeju Seogwipo Moseulpohang

JTO Homepage: http://www.jejutour.go.kr/    http://www.ijto.or.kr/


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