[Visit Jeju Global] Wellness Tourism Destination: Seogwipo Healing Forest

In this video, you’ll see the charms and healing atmosphere of this pristine Jeju forest. Seogwipo Forest of Healing has 10 themed trails that wind their way through a quiet, safe and natural space inside a cedar forest. Walking here is easy for people of all ages to enjoy comfortably.

From the visitor center at the entrance to the forest, the first part of the trail is a road about 1.9 km in length. It connects with the rest of the nine paths. There is a shelter in the middle of each road where you can rest on wooden benches.

There are also a variety of programs available to you when you make a reservation in advance. The health check-up room, the woodwind healing room, the forest healing program, and the forest trail are all available with prior reservations.

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